Yamaha P-80 Digital Piano

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Yamaha's Top selling portable minimalistic digital piano - a piano that really is portable
The Yamaha P80. Forget the bells and whistles, the blinking lights, for many of today's piano players, there are only two things that matter, - an awesome piano sound and - authentic piano action.

The P-80 delivers both. Every one of its incredible piano voices uses stereo samples of some of the world's top acoustic pianos. And for even more authentic sound, many of those voices feature multiple layers of samples set at different velocities, which means that not only the volume, but also the harmonic structure changes depending on how the keyboard is played; just like on a real piano!

The Yamaha P-80 features Yamaha's highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect keyboard to deliver a piano action that's nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. All this in an ultra-slim and lightweight body that's easy to carry to the gig and fits perfectly in your home.

For those demanding superb piano performance without the size and weight, the P-80 is a perfect fit. 64-Note Polyphony, - ever had the experience of playing a long sustaining cadenza on an electronic keyboard only to have the notes start cutting off in the middle of the passage? That's because many conventional keyboards limit the number of notes that can be played simultaneously to 32 notes or less. With the P-80s 64 notes of polyphony, however, you can play intricate classical and jazz pieces without fear of voice dropout.

Easy Operation, - A musical instrument should be fun to play, not complicated. Thanks to a simple panel layout and straightforward user interface, the P-80 is exceptionally easy to use. Every function has its own dedicated button conveniently located on the front panel. There are no menus to scroll through. No complicated setups. Just press a button and play.

Onboard Effects Shape your sound exactly the way you want it. The P-80 features a variety of high-quality digital reverbs that simulate different playing environments, from small rooms to large concert halls. For further warmth and ambience, you can add a second digital effect, such as chorus, symphonic, tremolo or delay.

2-Track Sequencer,- With the P-80s 2-track sequencer, you can record an accompaniment on one track and then a solo on the second track. The built-in metronome will help you stay in perfect time. Best of all, the voices and tempo can be freely changed, even after your performance has been recorded. Once you've finished, you can save everything to a PC via the To Host interface, or to an external MIDI recorder via MIDI.

Slim Lightweight Design,- Although the P-80 has a full-sized keyboard, the rest of its body is super thin and compact. It weighs 37 lbs., so you can easily carry it to and from a gig - ideal for the professional musician on the go.

88 Keys with Graded Hammer Action,- Just like on a real piano, the lower notes on the P-80 have a heavier touch, while higher notes are more responsive to lighter playing. What else would you expect from the world's leading manufacturer of acoustic pianos!

Top Quality Popular Voices,- The Yamaha P-80 is loaded with absolutely stunning piano voices, many of which feature Dynamic Stereo Sampling - three layers of stereo piano samples, each set at a different velocity. Several other essential voices, such as organs, bass, and strings, are also included.

Keyboard GH (Graded Hammer Effect) Keyboard, 88 keys
Tone Generator AWM2
Polyphony 64 (Max.)
Voices Grand Piano (Dynamic Stereo Sampling), Classical Piano (Dynamic Stereo Sampling), Jazz Piano (Dynamic Stereo Sampling), Rock Piano (Stereo Sampling), E.Piano 1, E.Piano 2, Harpsichord (Stereo Sampling), Strings, Pipe Organ (Stereo Sampling), Church Organ (Stereo Sampling), Jazz Organ (Stereo Sampling), Bass, plus variation for each voice
Touch Sensitivity Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
Reverb 4 types: Room, Hall 1/2, Stage
Brilliance Mellow/Bright Slider
Transpose -12 ~ 0 ~ 12
Play Mode Normal, Dual, Split
Metronome Tempo: 32-280, Beat: 0, 2, 3, 4, 6
Recorder 2 tracks, 10,000 notes
Display 7-seg (3-digit) LED
Dimensions (W x D x H) 134.7 cm x 28.5 cm x 12.8 cm (53\" x 11-1/4\" x 5\") - 31 " H with stand
Weight 16.8 kg, 37.0 lbs.