Kurzweil Mark 5 Electronic Piano with Seat (White)

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White Kurzweil Mark 5 Electronic Piano with Seat

Information on this Piano
Sound variation
Grand Piano, Bright Piano, Modern Piano, Ragtime Piano,
Electric Piano, Electric Piano 2
Harpsichord Forte, Harpsichord Jazz Organ, Rock Organ
Pipe Organ, Pipe Organ 2
Acoustic Guitar 12-string Guitar
Choir, Cathedral Choir
Fast Strings Slow Strings

Left split sounds
Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Bass & Ride Cymbal,
Electric Bass, Synth Bass, Drums, Custom,

Bass Drum, Floor Tom, Lo Tom, Mid Tom, Hi Tom, Dual Snare Drum,
Closed Hi-hat, Slightly Open Hi-Hat,
Shaker, Ride Cymbal, Ride Cymbal Ping, Claves.

MIDI controllers transmitted/received
Mod wheel (controller 1) - receive only
Volume (7) - receive only
Pan (10) - receive only
Bank Select LSB (32)
Sustain pedal (64)
Sostenuto pedal (66)
Soft pedal (67)
Symphonic on/off (68)
Right octave shift (76)
Left octave shift (77)
Bass Sustain on/off (78)
Layer volume adjust (79)
Split point (80)
Split program (81)
Layer program (82)
Reverb select (83)

The spec
Keyboard: 88 notes, weighted, 'piano action', velocity-sensitive; channel aftertouch responded to (where relevant) via MIDI
Polyphony: 32 voices
Effects processing: Reverb (Room, Stage, Hall), Effects (Chorus, Echo, Symphonic)
Front-panel controls: Master Volume slider, Bass and Treble sliders, Reverb and Effect Select buttons, Left Split and Sound Select buttons (one for each Sound), Transpose, MIDI and Demo buttons
Front edge panel: Stereo headphones socket
Rear panel: Power on/off switch, AC In socket, accessory power input socket (to provide power for as yet unspecified future options), MIDI In, Out and Thru sockets, a Pedals socket (again, reserved for as yet unspecified future options), Un switched and Switched L/R audio out phono sockets, L/R audio in phono sockets
Foot pedals: Soft. Sostenuto and Damper
Amplification: 2 x 25 watts (woofers), 2 x 15 watts (tweeters)
Dimensions: 31.75" (H) x 56" (W) x 22.75" (D) (80.6cm x 142.2cm x 57.8cm)
Weight: 176lbs (80kgs)