Hammond Concorde Organ with Leslie built-in Speakers

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I am selling my Hammond organ because I am moving and decided not to take it with me and will be buying another one. Also, the organ needs to be serviced. Just a basic oiling and cleaning of circuit boards is what it needs. I was going to have this done but the guy who had serviced my organs for years recently passed away, and I just never pursued finding someone else. The organ has been sitting for a while and as such, sometimes when it sits a long time without being played, when turned on, it will come on and play, then stop playing, then start playing again. Again, it needs to be serviced. These organs are all notorious for the crackling when they just sit. These models love to be played regularly. If you are willing to have it serviced and want a great sounding Hammond for home use, studio use, or small church, this will not disappoint. This baby has saved me many times at the house, while learning last-minute pieces of music on the spot before a performance. I will say this, hands down this thing sounds amazing and the bass is so rich and full, not to mention, the Leslie built-in, sounds soooo good. If you have ever heard or played a Concorde, you can testify to this fact. Anyway, that's about it. Pricing it low for the above mentioned issues. Selling as is, where it is. Bring some help because it is very heavy. Organ comes with pedals and bench.

Cash payment only!!!!!!!
Already priced low to sell quickly!

Organ Features

Four sets of draw bars, Upper and lower manual preset keys,

Percussion settings: general Hammond percussion sounds plus Piano, Harpsichord, Banjo, and other sounds.

Reiterate/repeat tab, vibrato tabs, external speaker control tabs,

Reverb controls,

Leslie speaker controls,

Bass pedal adjust, 8' and 16' with string bass and bass sustain controls,

Headphone jack, 1/4” input on right underside of the organ lower manual.

Note-a-chord (one finger chord for lower manual, note-a-chord, (holds a chord or note) Speaker/Leslie controls,

The Concorde also have a very nice drum/rhythm machine. Rhythm machine has “AUTO-VARI”. With this feature you can change the drum beat every ½, 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 measures if desired.

Has foot control to start and stop tempo.